Turbo Golf Racing Launches on Steam Early Access, Xbox Game Pass

Back in June, indie developer Hugecalf Studios announced that Turbo Golf Racing, a competitive car-infused golf game, would be coming to PC and Xbox on August 4.

Now, the day has arrived, and Turbo Golf Racing has launched on Steam via Early Access, as well as Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One via Xbox Game Preview, with Game Pass subscribers on both Xbox and PC gaining access to the latest sports-blending indie title. As the launch trailer below details, Turbo Golf Racing features eight player online matches, solo Time Trials, eleven unique power cores that serve as in-game power ups and plenty of cosmetics to decorate your car with. The team has also shared that there are more new courses, cars, power cores and cosmetics still to come via free updates in the weeks and months ahead leading up to the game’s proper launch.