Turn-Based Medieval Strategy Inkulinati Announces Early Access, Demos

Inkulinati, the game proudly declared as “700 years in the making,” has received new updates with the announcement of early access on Steam. Interested players can also check out demos available now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

The charming ink-based strategy follows the Inkulinati: a legendary group who battle one another on the pages of medieval manuscripts. They fight by drawing beasts with Living Ink. Thanks to the magical substance, these creatures come to life and engage in epic battles. Turn-based combat will challenge players while paying homage to Medieval art history.

The title includes both solo and local multiplayer gameplay. Players can dive into the single-player campaign or challenge others locally in a revival of old-school hot-seat mode. Players can join the Xbox Winter Game Fest Demo of Inkulinati today (December 15) until December 31, 2022. Ye olde title will launch to early access on Janurary 31, 2023.

Watch the new Inkulinati release date trailer below: