Turtle Beach Launches New XO Three and Recon 150 Headsets

Turtle Beach has launched two new headsets, the XO Three and Recon 150. Both ready headsets are considered mid-range and have a suggested retail price of $69.95. As such, they do not have all the bells and whistles found in Turtle Beach’s higher end models but maintain the level of quality gamers have come to expect from this brand including rugged, durable construction, 50 mm speakers, high sensitivity mic, and remain comfortable over extended periods of usage. These headsets will plug into a variety of electronics with a  3.5 mm jack such as Windows 10 PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers, phones tablets, and are capable of delivering virtual surround sound. The XO Three has green highlights on the ear cuffs and is designed for the Xbox One and the Recon 150 has blue and is intended for PlayStation 4, but in actuality these headsets are identical and will work fine with both consoles, so the deciding factor in choosing really comes down to the user’s preference for blue or green. For more details on these headsets, read our review.