Turtle Beach Stealth 700 and Stealth 600 Available Now

As of the today Turtle Beach’s new wireless headsets, the Stealth 600 and Stealth 700, are available globally at retailers for the Xbox One family of consoles. The Stealth 600 is also available for the PlayStation 4 today and the Stealth 700 will be out for the PlayStation 4 September 24. These headsets will feature immersive surround sound, glasses friendly Pro-Specs comfort design, powerful 50 mm over ear speakers, a flip up mic that can be muted when not in use, Superhuman hearing technology to prevent becoming the victim of a stealth kill, independent game and chat volume controls, various audio presets, and mic monitoring so the player can hear exactly how low they are in chat. The Stealth 700 will include active noise cancellation, blue connectivity with app-based settings, and dynamic chat boost so communication with your team is never buried under the game sounds. The Stealth 600 can go fifteen hours on a single charge, with the mileage of the Stealth 700 falling into the ten to fifteen hour range depending on the usage of the additional features. The Stealth 600 retails for $99.95 and the Stealth 700 at $149.95. More details and our initial impressions from E3 can be read here.