Turtle Beach Unveils Ultra Premium Wireless Headset

Turtle Beach has a new flagship gaming headset on the which has been dubbed the Stealth Pro. The Stealth Pro is designed to be the new king of headsets across the multiverse, offering cross platform compatibility to Mac, PC, PlayStation, Switch, Xbox and mobile devices through 5.1 Bluetooth. The Stealth Pro includes the features that are common on Turtle Beach gaming headsets including large 50mm Nanoclear Drivers for increased bass and more expansive soundstage, ProSpecs comfort design with bespectacled gamers in mind, variable mic monitoring and SuperHuman Hearing sound enhancements.

There are also some newer features with the Stealth Pro. TruSpeak makes its return with up to 25dB cancelation of ambient background noise so only the player’s voice comes through the mic but there are a couple mic options. There is the detachable boom mic but there are also concealed microphones in the headset so the player can clearly communicate without the boom mic if so desired. There are two swappable batteries capable of 12 hours of use, and a fifteen minute charge can net three hours of playtime so the player is never without access to the Stealth Pro. The Turtle Beach Audio Hub can be used to customize sound profiles with 10-band EQ and customize functions of the wheel and mode button.

The Stealth Pro is available for pre-order now and set to launch on April 23. The MSRP is $329.99 and includes a travel pouch and extra USB-C cable for charging. There are two different versions of the Stealth Pro available: one branded for PlayStation and one for Xbox. The Xbox version also works with PlayStation and the other devices but the PlayStation version is not compatible with Xbox consoles. There is some difference to how the media controls are mappable to the wheel on the PlayStation version but beyond that the two versions are identical in terms of aesthetics and sound quality.


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