Turtle Rock Claims Evolve Will Have the Best DLC Support Ever

Love it or hate it, downloadable content is here to stay. Turtle Rock Studios, the developer behind the highly anticipated 4 vs. 1 first-person shooter Evolve, believes that it will incorporate DLC into the game better than “any game before.” Studio co-founder Chris Ashton made the bold comments in an interview with OXM, noting that the framework in place for integrating downloadable content should give Evolve extremely long legs:

…with Evolve…we made these modular pieces – the way the whole game fits together means we can make new maps, new environment types, new wildlife, new monsters and hunters, and all of that stuff just plugs into the game. We’re definitely looking to see how the community reacts… It’s designed to have a long life – hopefully that works and we get to try a bunch of crazy things with the community after release. As long as people are into it and the DLC does reasonably well, then we’d like to keep making more. At the end of the day, it’s a business and it has to make sense, but we believe that we’ve built a game that does support that really well – more so than any game ever before.

One of the biggest concerns with Evolve is its ability to maintain interest over time, as the only gameplay footage we’ve seen thus far is of the standard Hunters vs. Monster multiplayer mode. Hopefully Turtle Rock isn’t looking to extend its games longevity through monetization as opposed to using DLC to supplement an already deep experience.