Twelve Minutes Gains All-Star Cast in New Trailer

Developer Luis Antonio and Annapurna Interactive turned some heads at E3 last year when they debuted Twelve Minutes, a top-down adventure game about a man trying to save himself and his wife from being attacked by a mysterious intruder while stuck in a time loop. It certain seemed like a promising game, one definitely worth getting invested in. And it looks like we aren’t the only ones who saw the potential in a unique game like this, as Twelve Minutes has now picked up an all-star cast, as seen in the trailer below.

Now, it wasn’t too much of a shock that Annapurna could get some recognizable names here. They are a film company as well, after all, and they were able to get Queen Latifah to provide narration for Sayonara Wild Hearts last year, just to name one example of what they can achieve. But no one really predicted a trio of particularly big names like James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and Willem Dafoe to appear! McAvoy and Ridley play the husband and wife, while Dafoe plays the intruder, providing some unsurprisingly creepy narration over scenes from the game that alternate between a peaceful date night and a horrific, violent invasion. No release date has been announced yet, just that Twelve Minutes is “Comig Soon” for XB1, PC, and Xbox Series X, but now we can’t wait for it more than ever.

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