Twin Mirror Reveals More in New Gamescom Trailer

Twin Mirror was a bit glossed over at E3, presented only as a lead-up to Sony’s press conference. But what we did see intrigued us quite a bit, as Dontnod appeared to be setting up another tantalizing mystery. But now more details about the game have been revealed at Gamescom, complete with a new trailer that you can check out below.

Following the tale of an investigative journalist named Sam who’s visiting their home town, Twin Mirror has our hero wake up with bloodstains and no memory of what happened. Now, in order to figure out what occurred, Sam will have to utilize some unique traits of his. There’s the Mind Palace, an inner location Sam can travel to and use to recreate past memories of theirs. Doing so allows players to uncover vital clues that can assist them in solving the mystery. But then there’s “The Double,” also introduced in the trailer alongside the palace. This would be Sam’s cockier, sarcastic, yet classier version of himself. But is this second personality friend or foe? The player will have to find that out as they go along, utilizing them properly.

It was also revealed that Twin Mirror would be an episodic game, with the first episode “Lost on Arrival” set for release in early 2019. It appears to be a potentially captivating mystery on par with the likes of Twin Peaks, so here’s hoping for the best. Bandai Namco will be publishing the game for PC, PS4, and XB1, so keep an eye out for it.