Twitch Officially A Pokemaster, Generation II Of Twitch Plays Pokemon Starts Today

It took 16 days of consecutive play, 35 million viewers, and the implementation of a democracy system, but Twitch has finally gone on to be the very best like no one ever was. Viewers of Twitch Plays Pokemon have conquered the final challenges of Victory Road and Blue, and not even the Elite Four proved to be much of a challenge for their all star team of Pokemon. It is a bit hard to believe for someone that watched a ledge act like a nearly impossible barrier, but thousands of people came together and participated in gaming’s first big crowd played event, pushing Red up, down, right, right, right, check Bulbasaur Pokedex entry, right, and down all the way to the end.

The story the community ended up building around the events in the game is insanely detailed and far more impressive than anything that actually appeared in any of the real Pokemon games. The final team consisted of both a Pidgeot known as “Bird Jesus” and an Omastar known as “Lord Helix”, both of which featured very prominently in the surprisingly religious fan narrative. The team was rounded out by a Nidoking (King Fonz), a Venomoth (ATV, the All Terrain Venomoth), a Lapras (Air Jordan), and a Zapdos (John the Zaptist).

Those who missed out on the fun last time don’t have long to wait as Twitch Plays Pokemon will be kicking off a Gold/Silver run this Sunday at 7:00 am EST. Only time will tell if this sequel will live up to the original and what sort of ledge, stubborn NPC, or Pokemon eating PC will prove to be the villain this time around.