Two New Cases, Fans and a Power Supply Coming from NZXT

NZXT has announced new build components to add to its line. Highlighting the announcement are two new PC cases that feature a ton of fans and ways to show off your PC. The H9 Flow and H9 Elite are ATX compatible cases that will be the largest in its mid-tower lineup. They both support up to ten fans for maximum airflow as they offer flexibility for specific builds including radiator support. The H9 Flow offers a mesh top panel while the H9 Elite offers a full tempered glass enclosure to show off the internals.

The H9 Flow comes with four 120mm F Series Quiet Airflow fans. Users can add the new Duo RGB Fans from NZXT that will light up dual-sided with a NZXT RGB & Fan Controller. Users can sync styles with three fan channels and six lighting channels across compatible NZXT devices in NZXT CAM. The H9 Flow retails for $159.99 and the H9 Elite for $239.99. The RGB Duo Fans are offered in single, double and triple packs with 120mm single retailing for $32.99, the triple for $114.99, the 140mm single for $34.99 and the double for $84.99.

Lastly, NZXT is offering a new power supply to support the higher-tier graphics cards on the market. The C1200 is a gold standard power supply and an ATX 3.0 PSU that offers up to 600 watts directly to the GPU. This is done via a single cable as the PSU focuses on efficiency and low-noise performance. This retails for $219.99 and all of these components are available now via NZXT’s website.