Two Point Campus Gets Spooky with ‘School Spirits’ DLC on March 15

Two Point Campus will be getting 100 percent spookier next week with the arrival of the “School Spirits” DLC on March 15. Students who decide to brave the new supernatural courses will find themselves putting in some extra hours at Lifeless Estate. See, the place has recently become infested with ghosts, and only those learned in the ways of busting specters will be capable of properly cleaning the place up.

Players who download “School Spirits” for Two Point Campus will also get access to a wealth of new items, two new courses and new student archetypes to host at their schools. The DLC also offers a new challenge mode level, wherein the janitorial staff has been outfitted with new “Ghost-Dusters” and tasked with cleaning up and expelling as many trouble-making ghosts as possible.

The “School Spirits” DLC will be selling for $6.99 on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. Early adopters can get an additional ten percent discount from launch day until March 21. Sim fans who’ve yet to get Two Point Campus a try should make sure to check out our review and see if the game’s a good fit.

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