Two Point Campus Shows Off Average Academic Year in New Trailer

It may still be summer vacation, but with Two Point Campus set to come out this August after its slight delay, several fans of sim games and Two Point Studios’ previous title, Two Point Hospital, will likely have academia already on the brain. And perhaps having that in mind, Two Point dropped a new trailer for the game taking viewers through a quick tour of the average academic year, which you can check out below.

The new clip once again focuses on the rather eccentric courses your university can provide, allowing students to learn how to cook giant pizzas, build killer robots, and the like. But your dream university still requires you to take special care of your students in between classes, meaning you might want to hold dances to keep them entertained and happy, or hire various assistants to help them catch up on their work, because these kids need a loving, caring dean…and the dean needs some great student performance for their own grade each year. Two Point Campus begins classes on August 9 for all major platforms, and will be a day one Game Pass release for both PC and consoles.