Ubisoft Cancels Development on Four Games

Ubisoft’s upcoming roster of titles and subsequent release schedule, has gotten a fair bit more patchy after today. Following on from the news that Massive Entertainment’s Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora has been pushed back t0 2023 (and potentially 2024 on top), Ubisoft have announced that they completely cancelled development on four upcoming games — two of which were yet to be officially unveiled/announced. One of those already known about, albeit vaguely, was a new Splinter Cell title in VR, which was announced way back in September 2020.

But perhaps the more notable cancellation is Ghost Recon Frontline, one of two free-to-play titles Ubisoft were making under the Tom Clancy brand — the other being the still-on-track XDefiant. Frontline was initially pitched as a three-player team-based Battle Royale, but was very quickly met with a predominantly negative reception upon its reveal. The response from the public was so strong, it even forced Ubisoft to delay the game’s first closed beta indefinitely. And now, that project is no more.

What’s more, this latest round of not-so-pleasant updates from Ubisoft — if we add Avatar’s delay into the mix — has now cast an even less-pleasant light on the state of the company’s own upcoming slate of games over the next twelve or so months. Keep in mind that other projects like the Prince of Persia remake has been delayed indefinitely — having swapped developers during the two year period since it was first announced — and the less said about Beyond Good & Evil 2’s status, following its own 2017 re-reveal, the better.

The only two notable games with dates at present being Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, releasing in October for the Switch and Skull & Bones which arrives a month later for all other platforms. Though the latter’s own rocky history of delays, not to mention the middling reception to its most recent gameplay reveal, doesn’t bode well for a title similarly announced way back in 2017.