Ubisoft: DLC and Season Passes Are Accepted By Consumers

DLC and Season Passes were met with strong resistance at the beginning of the previous generation, but it didn’t help that publishers like EA and Capcom were caught cutting content out of a game just to sell it to the consumer.  However, according to a Ubisoft executive, attitude towards digital goods are improving, with both DLC and Season Passes being more accepted by the gaming community.

Speaking with gamesindustry.biz, Ubisoft VP of digital publishing Chris Early discussed how the practice has become more accepted by the community, rather than outright rejected.  To him, its all about ensuring that gamers feel like they’re getting a good deal and that what their paying for enhances the game, and not just content that was cut out of the game.

I think there are some models that are accepted now. DLC is pretty much accepted. Season pass is pretty much accepted. Now it’s interesting when you start to think of Season Pass as a Service Pass. For our Season Pass holders, I know we hold events for them specifically, so it’s little bit more than just DLC content. So there’s an evolution going on there.

Where it hurts is when you feel like you’re forced, or you’re at a disadvantage or can’t do it unless you [pay money]. That’s kind of a remorseful feeling, and nobody likes that.

Ubisoft has a solid track record of delivering good DLC for its games, providing not only new multiplayer maps, weapons, and skins, but also single player expansions that can last for multiple hours.  They’re also good at not charging an arm-and-a-leg for their content.

Let us know in the comments how you feel about DLC and Season Passes.  Are they a good deal, or just a rip-off?