Ubisoft Issues Statement on Watch Dogs 2 Seamless Multiplayer

Watch Dogs 2 has turned out to be a surprisingly great game that easily surpasses its predecessor. While players have been having a great time tooling around San Francisco, the lack of seamless multiplayer has been a bummer. Thankfully, Ubisoft has been working on a fix and it could go live as soon as this weekend:

“The Watch Dogs 2 development team has prioritized finding a solution for activating the seamless multiplayer feature in the game. They are currently conducting extensive internal testing of a solution to both ensure it causes no regression to the core single player experience as well as smoothly integrates the seamless multiplayer. If the solution works as intended, we hope to permanently flip the switch to turn on seamless multiplayer as soon as this weekend. To our current players, we sincerely appreciate the support and patience during this process.

Meanwhile, players still have full access to the campaign, side activities and the opportunity to join in Coop with those on their Friends list to hack and explore the open world of the San Francisco Bay Area.”

Great news for those itching to easily play with other hackers. We’ll be sure to update you when it goes live.