Ubisoft to Bring Valiant Hearts and Child of Light to Switch

Valiant Hearts: The Great War and Child of Light are on their way to Nintendo Switch, according to Ubisoft.

The official Ubisoft Twitter account made the announcement earlier today, adding that Child of Light will release on October 11, while Valiant Hearts will come on November 8.

On Switch, Child of Light will allow a second player to use a Joy-Con to control the Igniculus spirit character who follows the protagonist, Aurora around throughout the game. The Switch version of Valiant Hearts will add touch controls, making it totally playable with just your finger.

Child of Light follows the two young characters as they work together to save Aurora’s father. It is a 2D puzzle-platformer with tons of RPG elements including a turn-based combat system. Valiant Hearts tells the melancholy story from multiple perspectives of the Great War. Perspectives that don’t usually get the spotlight.