Ulala Getting Go-Go Rebooted with Space Channel 5 VR Trailer

It says something about the appeal of a character when she’s only had two games but they keep getting remade.  Before Tetsuya Mizuguchi was known for Rez, Lumines, and other musical light shows he made a Parappa-style rhythm game about the ultra-cool reporter Ulala and her epic dance-off against the Morolians.  Space Channel 5 came out in 1999, its sequel in 2002, and the remakes and ports are a Sega perennial.  Maybe someday there will be a Space Channel 5 Part 3 but for now there’s Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash! coming to PS4 and PC, albeit Vive-only for the latter at the moment.  Sega dropped a trailer for the dancing game today and with it came… um…  Yeah, that’s all the info you get contained in the trailer below.  Release date, features, information on how multiplayer works in VR?  That should be coming along later.  For right now, though, it’s enough that Ulala is returning in a new format, stepping her way through the invaders with rhythm and an unmatched style that’s as retro-future cool today as it was twenty years ago.