Ultra-Stylish Black The Fall Is The Second Square Enix Collective Kickstarter

The Square Enix Collective is on fire. First, it helped out Moon Hunters, the incredibly successful (nearly 400% funded!) pixel aesthetic action-RPG by Kitfox Games. Now, Romanian indie devs Sandy Sailor Studio have put up a Kickstarter for Black The Fall, an awesome-looking post-industrial almost-3D action game.

In the game, you’re Black, an amnesiac who explores a bleak and unwelcoming landscape. The “Machine” is a totalitarian entity that controls the stylish and dark world, scarring it and ingraining paranoia and violence into its daily rhythm. The game allows you to play stealthily or engage in fast-paced combat, solve puzzles, craft, and even features a reputation system that will impact NPC behavior. 6 GBP ($9.71) nets you an early bird discount for the game on its Kickstarter.

Check out the screenshots and artwork below.