Ultra-Stylish Cyberpunk Breakout Launches with Hyperforma Release Trailer

Breakout is 43 years old.  Obviously that means that every possible wrinkle and permutation in its gameplay has been explored, extrapolated, adjusted, updated, iterated, and exhaustively investigated.  There can’t be anything left by now, right?  Bounce (thing) into (target) and really, what else is there to do?  The thing about Simple, though, is that there’s always something new to try.  Hyperforma is a Breakout-style game set in a techno-realm, where the player avatar shoots into a 3D rotating structure of blocks looking for any weak point in a quest to pierce its center.  Complicating the quest are different cubes and their effects, all of which need to be taken into account to find the most efficient way in.  Clear enough of the intricate constructs making up each level and confront an angular cyber-boss that somehow combines glowy neon cyberpunk and brutalist designs.

While originally released on mobile the game has been substantially upgraded for its Switch debut, including the addition of two-player multiplayer.  Hyperforma oozes style from its slick presentation, fantastic character design, and amazing soundtrack.  Normally there would be a launch trailer below to back this up, but instead here’s a link that’s worth a look.  Or, if that’s a click too many, here’s an different one from two weeks ago-

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