Umihara Kawase Return to Steam Delayed, Still Happening

Although last year was a great year for games, it ended on a bit of a sour note when it was found that Umihara Kawase Plus would be removed from Steam due to the fact that publisher Agatsuma Entertainment would be closing due to bankruptcy. While all seemed lost for the cult game, Degica announced this week that they would be riding in on a white horse to save the game from total doom.

And it would be happening sooner than expected, with its return to Steam dated for January 28. Of course that was yesterday and tragically Umihara Kawase remained nowhere to be found.

We reached out to a Degica representative who told Hardcore Gamer that “due to unexpected delays Umihara missed our intended launch date, however, rest assured that these delays are not permanent and the launch of this beloved game will be soon.”

Its release was seemingly held up due to minor paperwork and it will make its debut on Steam within days.

We’ll be sure to update you when the game is released and available to purchase.

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