Uncharted 4 PS4 Pro and Multiplayer Patch Detailed

Uncharted 4, being easily the best looking exclusive Sony has ever had its name on, is clearly one of the main titles being used to show off the PlayStation 4 Pro’s capabilities. As a result, it makes sense that one of the first titles to receive a major patch for the release of the Pro would be Naughty Dog’s latest effort.

Today, Naughty Dog has revealed that its latest patch. 1.15.041, will include both a Classic multiplayer playlist, as well as HDR support and support for the PlayStation 4 Pro. It’s safe to assume that this will enable full 4K support, though given how good Uncharted 4 looks, it’s unlikely that we will see native 4K output here.

In order to take a peek at the full patch notes, which are a bit more detailed and get pretty granular, follow this link. Stay tuned for the latest PlayStation 4 Pro news here at Hardcore Gamer.