‘Unconventional RPG’ Everhood Gets Battle Replays, Leaderboards in Latest Update

Before you read any further, go and play Everhood — the latest self-described “unconventional adventure RPG” from Chris Nordgren & Jordi Roca. Just do it now, then come right back. Done? OK, as if what is easily one of the year’s most unique and euphoric releases so far as gameplay pitch goes — to add to its unravelling narrative and wondrous soundtrack alike — wasn’t enough of a reason to check Everhood out, the developers have today put out a new update. Which it describes as one fans of the game have been requesting since it released last March. And that is of course the ability to replay battles.

Obviously, given it comprises a hefty chunk of all battles to return to, there are of course story spoilers attached to its accompanying details. But for those already in the know, the latest update will allow you to return to most, though not all, battles in Everhood (in both states) whilst also competing for a spot on the game’s similarly-new online leaderboard. Accompanied by a unique score system, the game will reward you based on how you move, if you suffer any damage during play and most of all, there’s a score multiplier depending on what difficulty you play on. The update is available now for the PC version, with the developers also confirming they are currently underway with bringing it to the Nintendo Switch version.