‘Uncooperative’ Multiplayer Shooter Vicious Circle Launches in August

Asymmetrical multiplayer games have been quite prominent over the last couple of years, due to the creative central gimmick of having one team of players take on one big, overpowered player. But a subgenre like this still needs a good twist now an then, and that’s where Vicious Circle comes in. The latest title from Rooster Teeth Games is a colorful sci-fi FPS where one player controls a giant monster, and four others play as mercenaries gathering loot attempt to either kill it or avoid it. However, this time around, it’s winner take all.

The trailer below, released earlier this month, goes into greater detail. Sure, players can still team up to take out other players or the larger monster at first, but in the end, only the player with the most nuggets wins when they reach the evacuation zone. In addition, players killed are resurrected as creatures called Lil’ Dippers. These buggers can possess living players, taking over for now and getting back in the game. It’s certainly an eclectic blend of mechanics that should make for an interesting mutiplayer game, to say the least. And with a release date of August 13 revealed, you won’t have to wait long to give them a spin. Vicious Circle comes out for PC then, and may be worth taking a look.

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