UnderMine Unearths a Release Date Trailer

The thing about peasants is that they’re not heroes.  A peasant can be heroic, and a hero might once have been a peasant, but the promotion typically is a one-way trip even if the hero spends their later years fooling themselves into thinking they’ve returned to their humble roots before getting called on to train the next generation of heroes.  Sometimes no matter how badly a hero is needed, though, all that’s available are regular people, but they’ve got the advantage of numbers.  It would probably be smarter if they went more than one at a time, but at least in UnderMine they’ve got the advantage that everything the previous peasant unlocked is left behind for the next to take advantage of.

UnderMine is an action-roguelike without a hero, but instead an endless succession of peasants braving the underground in search of riches and whatever else might be down there.  With helpful birdie familiar in tow and mattock in hand, they wander the endless rooms going down floor by floor, beating on monsters and gold deposits with equal enthusiasm.  The underworld is a surprisingly busy place, with heroes, merchants, mystics, and other encounters showing up now and then. Sometimes those they meet come back to the surface, offering help at a price for the next peasant on the way to their inevitable doom, while others have quests or requirements before they’ll be of any use.  Even a bad run in the dungeon can bring back something, though, even if it’s just a bit more gold to spend on the next permanent upgrade.

Despite all evidence to the contrary it’s somehow been less than a year since UnderMine first showed up on Early Access last August, and the game has been moving along nicely with regular updates ever since.  Now it’s just about done, which means the time has come to lock down a release date.  This was announced today with a shiny new trailer showcasing the action and discoveries waiting down below.  UnderMine is due out on August 6, a couple weeks less than a year since its Early Access release, so check out the trailer and maybe even head over to snag the current version on Steam, which is currently on sale for as cheap as it will be for a good long time to come.