Undertale: Japan Edition Vinyl Pre-Orders Open with Bonus

Lovers of Undertale know that the soundtrack is absolutely fantastic. As such, last year iam8bit released a lovingly-crafted vinyl. Now they’re at it again with two more collections.

Undertale: Japan Edition offers two translucent LPs within a Super Famicom-styled cover. The tracklist itself is the same between regions and costs $40. This edition is meant to coincide with the release of Undertale in Japan. Consider ordering soon, as pre-orders placed by 7:59PM PDT on September 22 will receive a free Annoying Dog Shrine 7″ LP.

Then there’s the Undertale: Determination 3xLP set. This collaboration brings together tons of Undertale-inspired covers. It’s available for pre-order now at the price of $60. Both offer digital downloads and are expected to ship Q1 2018.