Undertale’s Sans and Papyrus Receive Nendoroids for Pre-Order

Undertale has gained  a huge following since releasing several years ago. The game has a number of fan-favorite characters two of being Sans and Papyrus. The pair are getting Nendoroid collectibles which can be pre-ordered separately.

Sans is shown in his regular blue hoodie and slippers. He comes with a sitting lower half and blue eye for different poses. A ketchup bottle and hot dog accessory add to the looks. Papyrus wears his costume and boots. He comes with three different face plates for a range of expressions. A blue bone and plate of spaghetti accessories are included.

Both Sans and Papyrus have limited pre-orders open from March 10 to April 21. However, they will not be available to own until November. Check them out below for a closer look.