Underwater Thriller ‘Iron Fish’ Announced and First Details Revealed

Despite the fact that we’re now in 2015, less than 5% of the Earth’s oceans have been explored. Perhaps it has to do with this utter unfamiliarity that so few games take place within the sea. Iron Fish joins this elite class of games with its announcement today.

Iron Fish stars deep sea investigator Cerys. Equipped with the most advanced technology that the near-future British Navy has to offer, she is capable of descending to depths that no human has ever explored. Sure, things start out nice and friendly swimming along coral reefs, but it’s not long before Cerys is submerged in the terrifying darkness.

Are you afraid of sharks? How about creatures that lurk so deep within the ocean that they’ve not even been discovered yet? Yep, you’ll encounter your fair share of these beings in Iron Fish – and Cerys doesn’t have a weapon. This has proved an interesting design challenge for the development team, but something they definitely wanted to push for. After all, nothing removes game-induced tension quicker than access to super-powered weaponry. Instead of pure brawn, players must use their intellect to stay alive.

As a skilled diver, Cerys comes prepared in other ways. She’ll be able to use sonar, flares, and other gadgets to explore (and hopefully survive) throughout her ocean voyage. Outside of having near deadly encounters, players may just uncover remnants of long-lost civilizations. Iron Fish’s beautiful underwater landscape is made possible thanks to Unreal Engine 4. As should be expected, the environments will be vast, allowing for exploration near the surface down to the pitch black abyssal plain.

Right now Iron Fish is planned for release on PC (Windows and Mac). Take a look at the teaser trailer and first few screenshots to get a feel for the immersive, and potentially frightening, environment that Iron Fish will bring to players later this year.

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