Unruly Heroes Further Shows Off Photo Mode in New Video

Released near the beginning of this year, Magic Design Studios’ Unruly Heroes easily wound up being one of the year’s best action platformers, and celebrated with a victory lap by adding a photo mode alongside the game’s PS4 release in May. But while the trailer released back then gave us a few glimpses of the new mode, it didn’t explore it too much. So now, the team has released a slight tutorial video showing off exactly what players can do, as seen below.

With the photo mode, Magic Design had two goals in mind. One was to prove that detailed photo modes like these don’t have to be limited to 3D and triple-A games, 2D games could easily benefit from them as well. The other goal was to provide a tribute to their insanely talented artists and animators, and all of the hard work they put into everything, as easily seen with the ability to zoom in on several details, moves, and effects. Unruly Heroes is available now on all major platforms, and is thirty-five percent off as part of various Winter Sales, so now is one of the best times to check it out.