Upcoming Video Game Figures Revealed During WonHobby Gallery 2018 Autumn

Collectors have plenty to look forward to thanks to the latest WonHobby event! There were a few video game collectibles revealed by Good Smile Company at WonHobby Gallery 2018 Autumn. Most of them are Nendoroids but the diversity of genres is well represented.

From Persona 5 comes Makoto Niijima in her Phantom Thief version. A prototype of Ishikirimaru from Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- is in the works along with one of puzzle-solving Professor Layton. Kirby has a new Nendoroid but this time he’s yellow and sports a magical wand and jester hat as Beam Kirby. Lastly, six different miniature figures of the adorable frog from mobile game, Tabi Kaeru, are on the way.

Each one has yet to receive a release date but more details are set to come. Check out close up images below until then!