Utilize Utensils in Upcoming Splatoon 2 Splatfest

Tools are one of history’s greatest achievements, it’s what separates mankind from beast. The way we eat was forever changed thanks to some silverware. However, squids are now the superior species in Splatoon 2. A new Splatfest event is taking place and it pits forks against spoons.

On August 24 it will be a competition over cutlery! Choose Team Fork¬†which have prongs or tiny spears on top. Choose Team Spoon that¬†have rounded tops and are used to scoop things. Too bad you can’t go down the middle and side with sporks. No matter which team you’re own, they both have advantages and disadvantages. Ever try to eat soup with a fork?

This will likely be the final Splatfest taking place before the Nintendo Switch Online services change over. Get your splatting in now before it’s too late!