Valheim: Mistlands Goes Semi-Live with New Trailer

The afterlife is supposed to be a land of eternal rest, or torment, or maybe a state of nonexistence that’s functionally identical to not having been born yet.  And then there’s Valheim, where after dying in battle you get to survive in a massive world filled with creatures inspired by Norse mythology.  It’s not a peaceful existence until you’ve built a nice home base and maybe a couple walls to protect it from the occasional enemy raid, but the world is huge and unspoiled, packed with adventure for a daring explorer.  As eternal rewards go things could be worse, and as a survival game Valheim is a huge amount of fun.  Grab some friends or go it alone, there’s an endless land to explore in the fields, forests, mountains, and oceans of the unforgiving Norse-ish afterlife.  It’s still Early Access, though, but with today’s release of the Mistlands update Valheim takes a giant step towards building the ultimate Viking stomping grounds.

Mistlands is an end-biome for Valheim, which means it’s crawling with terrors like blimp-fleas plus new dungeons and other assorted hazards.  It also brings with it proper magic items, not to mention chickens and other new types of food to help expand the farm.  It’s a lot to explore, but comes with a disclaimer that today’s release is a public test rather than full launch.  Anyone can opt into the test, with full instructions found on the Steam page or official blog post, and the goal is to get as much feedback as possible before pushing Mistlands to the main branch.  If you’ve been dying for more Valheim today is the time to back up your save and opt into the test version, but for more cautious souls it’s going to be just a bit longer while all the new systems get put through their paces.  The lands of Valheim were already a sprawling endless adventure, and with Mistlands they’ll be that much denser as well.