Valkyria Revolution Gets Release Date for PS4 and Vita

Valkyria Chronicles was a beloved PS3 hidden gem of sorts that gained new life on the PC and PS4. Today, its spinoff in Valkyria Revolution was finally given a release date. Set for release on the Vita and PS4, this entry goes for a European vibe and a more action-centric battle system that changes things from the usual turn-based system. The franchise excels at making a war-based game all about the people actually fighting the war, and Revolution looks to continue that trend with a strong narrative about a small kingdom suffering at the hands of a tyrannical empire and its battle to free itself. Those pre-order or luck out and get the first print run of the PS4 version will get the vanagrand edition. It will come with a pin, a 12-track CD soundtrack, and a large outer box. The game launches on both Sony platforms on June 27.