Valve Announces SteamOS

While most PC gamers have been anticipating the fabled SteamBox console to be revealed, I don’t think anyone was expecting an entirely independent operating system. The Bellevue-based studio announced today that they have been working on a gaming-specific operating system that will allow you to play games on any TV in your household. Named SteamOS, this is Valve’s next step since Big Picture Mode to bring PC gaming away from the monitor and onto a big screen without having to move your giant system around.

The OS is Linux-based (no real surprise there) and will allow you to stream games from one computer to any network connected device in your house. This I assume would include Smart TVs, but having another low-priority system in your living room is the primary target. Continued support for multi-media is expected to grow, along with the various options the operating system will support. Whether or not developers will take full advantage over this is still up in the air as Windows operating systems have been the norm for decades. Only time will tell if a gaming centered OS will take off as the software is set to be released “soon,” whatever that means. For more details head over to their official announcement.