Vampires: Guide Them to Safety! Creeps onto Steam

Ever since the appearance of a certain glittering vampire, many have decided they want nothing to do with the fictional creatures. This has led to a real lack of vampire fiction in games until recently. Vampires: Guide Them to Safety! asks players to help vampires survive dangerous labyrinths as they head toward their coffins.

The game is, effectively, a reverse tower defense experience. Vampires must be guarded from traps, obstacles, and vampire hunters without being controlled directly. As they meander, players can set repellent, spider webs and the like to affect where and how quickly they move.

Vampires: Guide Them to Safety! has been for sale on Desura for a while but interested gamers should definitely buy via Steam. Aside from being much cheaper, there’s also a launch week discount¬†bringing the price down to $4.49. The Steam release also includes Achievements, Cloud Saves, Leaderboards, and Trading Cards.