Various GameStop Locations Reportedly Selling Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Early

Earlier today news broke that GameStop might be releasing Tomb Raider early. Nothing before was ever stated by either the retailer or Square Enix themselves that the game was a timed exclusive, but that didn’t send the retail giant from sending out texts stating that pre-order customers could pick up their games on Friday, January 24 — a full four days before the planned release date of January 28. While some questioned if this was just a simple mistake, it looks like GameStop is indeed selling the game early.

The internet is atwitter with reports of gamers picking up the title as early as midnight. A post on NeoGAF clearly shows a copy of the game in hand:

j7JcYHVWe’ve confirmed with an anyomous GameStop manager that the game has no street date in their computer, meaning that a GameStop store can technically sell the game whenever they like. As this doesn’t seem to be an official early release, it remains YMMV, but it seems like there’s a good chance you could be playing Tomb Raider as soon as your local GameStop opens for business on Friday.