Vault-Tech Presents: Atomics for Peace Instructional Video

With the upcoming Fallout 76 on the horizon, our friendly neighborhood Vault-Tech has been making sure we’re ready for whatever challenges the wasteland throws at us. The next installment in their instructional video training series gives us more information about using atomic weapons in a safe and responsible manner. By now, we know that Fallout 76 will be an online game that allows survivors to team up with other real-life people. New features added to the game promise a more detailed Fallout than ever before.

One such addition is the ability to use nuclear weapons to our advantage. It appears nukes are peppered throughout the world. It’s not enough to find them, however, as it looks like we’ll need launch codes in order to use them. This latest instructional video explains how survivors can obtain these codes and work with others to use them. Once the fallout has settled, players are able to explore the affected area for resources. If you’ve missed out on the other training videos, make sure to check out Vault-Tech’s instructional series on multiplayer, crafting and the perk system.