Viaan Industries Limited Starts Game-Focused VIAAN STUDIOS

Indian mobile device company, Viaan Industries Limited, have announced that they have entered the realm of game development. Viaan plan on developing and publishing AAA titles for iOS, Android, Steam, and consoles, targeted at Asian and European markets through their new development-focused brand “VIAAN STUDIOS.” The reason for this, of course, is the rapidly growing video game market in India – poised to hit $280 million by next year with a compounded annual growth rate of nearly 24% during this past 2013 through 2017 period, according to market research.

Viaan Industries Chairman, Raj Kundra, went on record saying…

We plan to target the 150 million mobile gamers in India with high-end, free-to-play games — and we’ll also offer premium titles to the wider international game market. Developing games in India can play an important role in the growth of a nascent Indian development community — in alignment with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. We plan to tap into the global game market by releasing new mobile games every quarter, entering partnerships in India, and developing AAA console games for the core market in the next two years.

Another player in our ever-growing international industry is certainly welcome. Now we all play the waiting game.