Victrix Teams Up With Call of Duty for Limited Edition Controller

Today, Victrix has announced a new collaboration with the Call of Duty brand to develop a limited edition controller for PlayStation and PC. PDP, the brand owner of Victrix, has a long resume of gaming peripherals with the Victrix brand being on the premium side of what the company offers. Teaming up with Call of Duty brings the Las Almas Pro BFG Wireless Controller. This Las Almas-themed controller is available in limited quality and will be a highly demanding for Call of Duty enthusiasts and collectors, alike.

The Las Almas Pro BFG Wireless Controller is engineered from the ground up by Victrix with a design and focus purely on eSports. It offers a good bit of advantage in terms of the technology that Victrix has put in to the controller. It offers a mode switch for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC with both wired and wireless connection capabilities. Not only is this designed for Call of Duty, but also fighting games thanks to its modular design. The reversible left module can accept the standard PlayStation stick configuration as well as offset sticks. It includes a Fight Pad module that replaces the right stick with six microswitch buttons. Everything on the Las Almas Pro is interchangeable.

Adding to even more customization is the inclusion of four mappable back buttons that also offer user-configurable profiles. These can be mapped on the back with the Profile Button, which allows up to three unique button mappings each. Now this won’t add to the number of buttons available on the controller, but rather meaning players can map an action button to these rear buttons if it improves performance in titles. The Las Almas Pro also boasts five different stopping points on Victrix’s patented multi-position clutch triggers. Each one can be tuned to their specific desire whether it be hair trigger, standard, or moderate.

Along with low latency audio with EQ Profiles via the 3.5mm jack on the controller, the Victrix Control Hub allows for customization of the controller on PC. The EQ can be set as it includes 3D audio for PlayStation 5. This will be where the buttons get configured and the firmware gets updated. The Las Almas Pro BFG Wireless Controller is officially licensed by Sony for PlayStation gaming as it comes with a ton of awards to back it up. It can be pre-ordered now on the Victrix website for $199.99. Currently, there is no release date for the controller.

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