Video Games Live Announces Over 50 New Dates For Concert Tour

Video Games Live is a concert series that focuses on music in gaming and has featured some of the best in the business. Their first concert was way back in the dark ages of 2005 when flip phones were still a new thing and the world had never heard of world changing devices like the Stinky Footboard. What makes these shows so interesting and sets them apart from similar concerts is that they really do draw from the entirety of video game history and attract a lot of composers from very different games and series. The concert series has been growing in size and popularity ever since, and if you have missed out in the past this might be the year to see if they are playing anywhere near you as they are tackling a whole slew of new venues.

This year, Video Games Live is truly going global with multi-city stops in Mexico, Canada, Europe, and China. Some huge names will be playing various shows including Austin Wintory from Journey fame and Gerard Marino from the God of War series. The first show was actually yesterday in Phoenix, but they just added a whole slew of new venues to the mix. Check out their site to see if any shows will be heading your way, as the show is worth seeing especially if you hold a special place in your heart for video game music.