Viking-Themed Dead In Vinland Marches to Nintendo Switch This Year

CCCP and Playdius have confirmed that Dead In Vinland will be making its way to Nintendo Switch.

The Bury me, my Love and A Normal Lost Phone publisher confirmed that the Switch version would include all of the DLC that has been released for the title on PC.

The Viking-themed management survival simulator will arrive on Nintendo’s console in Q2 2019.

Along with the Switch announcement, Playdius revealed that new DLC has been released for the PC version.

The Battle of the Heodenings is priced at $4.99 (€4.99) and introduces a sandbox-style endless mode to the title.

“Named after the tale of an endless battle from [the] Norse mythology, the second out of three DLC releases focuses on the survival aspects of the game and offers the ultimate challenge: first players freely customize their initial party, skills and traits, then they must survive for as long as humanly possible,” Playdius said.

“An endless map awaits with increasingly difficult tributes, as well as new skills, traits and merchants.”

Dead In Vinland follows the story of a family that has been exiled and stranded on a mysterious island. It is down to the player to look after their struggling community and protect them from any threats.

“We were very pleased with the original launch of Dead In Vinland and the community feedback,” says Matthieu Richez, the co-founder of CCCP.

“That’s why it’s great that we can not only bring the Viking lands of the game to new Switch players but also expand the game.

“It’s really exciting that we can add an in-depth and super challenging endless mode to the game with The Battle of the Heodenings DLC. It’s perfect for all fans that want to fully focus on the management and RPG elements of the game.”

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