Village Person or Sexy Limo Driver? Amnesia’s Ukyo Proves it Doesn’t Matter

It’s been quite the arousing road, but Amnesia: Memories’ man meat parade is finally coming to an end. We started out with Ikki, Shin, Kent and Toma, and now Ukyo rounds out the bachelors. Some will say the best was saved for last, as one thing is certain: you will go crazy for Ukyo. A fashion trailblazer, Ukyo models his look after Glenn Hughes from The Village People or possibly works as a cab driver. Or he just likes hats and studded jackets. We’re not sure, but one thing we are sure about: he is a sensitive, caring man.

Not afraid to cry in front of women, the mysterious Ukyo is ready to be robbed of his armor and reveal his true intentions to you.

Take a gander below: