Virginia Developers Return With Anthology Adventure Last Stop

Three years ago, developers Variable State gave us Virginia, an impressive adventure game that even managed to score a BAFTA Award for its score. And now the team is back, partnering with Annapurna Interactive for Last Stop, an anthology drama with three interconnected stories. The game was unveilved today during the Inside Xbox showcase at X019, and you can check out the reveal trailer below as usual.

The debut clip gives us our first look at the three protagonists and the scenarios that they’ll find themselves in, which even delve right into the supernatural at times. Notably, bits toward the end seem to showcase a couple of more action-oriented moments, and multiple-choice dialogue that will be a central part of the gameplay. Lyndon Holland will also be back to help score the game, working with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Last Stop will be due out for consoles and PC in 2020, and should be an interesting one to look out for.