Visage Haunting Out of Early Access With New Release Date Trailer

Some houses are just wrong.  At one point they may have been a warm place where people went about their day, but something twisted and now, instead of being a large space divided up into smaller ones where daily life can be accomplished in a useful, pleasing fashion, the house is broken in an indefinable way.  All the pieces are there but so is something else, and it’s never going to allow peace to return.  Maybe the wrongness can be cleansed by fire or maybe the ground itself is so corrupted it can never be restored, like a supernatural environmental toxin.  Whatever it may be, the only thing to do is stay away and let the furious terrors of the darkness own their little corner of the world.  Nothing good at all can come from interacting with them, whether on purpose or, in the case of Visage, waking up in a bathtub with no idea how you got there.

Visage is a first-person psychological horror game set in a perfectly normal suburban house, the kind that’s just outside of financial reach but is so nice to daydream about owning.  It’s in a nice neighborhood, has a good number of bedrooms on the second floor and roomy layout below, and a half-finished basement where any number of private projects could be started.  The only thing it’s missing is a way out, which is a problem when the murdered families from the house’s past are unable to rest in peace.  Admitted, it’s a setup that’s been seen time and time again, but one of the things that makes Visage so effective is the way it blends the sheer normalcy of the house with the terrors and secrets hiding inside.  Waking up in a run-down murder shack, you know what to expect, and the foggy streets of Silent Hill might as well have a Horrors Within sign welcoming people to town, but the house of Visage should be a comfortable, lived-in space if it wasn’t for all the hauntings.

Visage has been in Early Access for a little over two years now, with the last major update in July 2019 adding the second of four chapters.  It’s been a little quiet but work never stopped, and now the game is almost ready to see its second half dropped as it hits a full release on October 30.  In addition to leaving Early Access, Visage will also be landing on PS4 and Xbox One courtesy of publisher Grip Digital.  There are bad things lurking in nice places, and Visage is finally just about ready to reveal their faces.