Voice Talent Officially Revealed For Neon White

During the last Steam Next Fest earlier this year, players were treated to a meaty demo of Neon White, the upcoming first-person action game from Ben Esposito, Angel Matrix, and Annapurna Interactive. It was quite the blast, giving us all a taste of the game’s fast-paced gameplay that encourages speedrunning techniques, zipping through Heaven as an assassin from Hell competing to exterminate as many demons as possible for a spot in the fluffy cloud kingdom. Those who played the game may have noticed a few familiar voice when it came to the characters, though, and now the official cast list has been released, featuring a nice amount of talent who will hopefully be bringing their a-game to the story segments in between demon killing.

The cast is led by video game voice acting legend Steve Blum playing our lead, the titular Neon White, with a supporting cast consisting of Alicyn Packard (Rugrats), Ian Jones-Quartey (OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes), SungWon Cho (Anime Crimes Division), Courtney Lin (Planet Power), Zeno Robinson (The Owl House), Salli Saffioti (Watchmen), Ben Lepley (Puyo Puyo Tetris), and Bruce Barker (Injustice 2). While the aforementioned demo revealed a few roles for some of the cast, such as Alicyn, Ian, and Courtney playing fellow assassins Neon Red, Neon Yellow, and Neon Violet, respectively, and SungWon playing Mikey, one of the angels that arranges the competitions, we’ll have to wait until Neon White comes out later this Summer for the PC and Switch to see what roles everyone else will be playing in this twisted tale.