Void Terrarium Brings Its Somber, Fungi-Infested World West This Summer

Void Terrarium, also known as “void tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium,” will indeed be heading west sometime in 2020. NIS America hasn’t yet nailed down a specific release date, but fans can now at least expect to see the game sometime this summer. With Void Terrarium, it looks like NIS is aiming to tell a quiet tale of what could be humanity’s last days as seen through the eyes of one of its creations: an unnamed and otherwise unassuming maintenance robot.

While playing Void Terrarium, players will spend most of their time as a maintenance robot, venturing out into the dangerous, fungi-infested world on the hunt for upgrades and resources necessary to keep Toriko, a sick young girl (and possibly the very last human), alive. Players will need to find cures for diseases, fight savage creatures in turn-based combat and do pretty much everything they can to ensure her survival. Will it make a difference in the end? That remains to be seen. Even if it isn’t though, perhaps the effort will still be worth it.

Void Terrarium launches for PlayStation 4 and Nintento Switch in Summer 2020.