Voxel-Based Adventure Box Still in Need of Kickstarter Funds

While we don’t all understand the allure of Minecraft, it’s pretty easy to see what a massive impact it has made on the gaming landscape. Creative tools, voxels, and procedurally generated environments are used in many more independent projects then ever before. Case in point, Adventure Box: an RPG which blends these features together in a free-to-play package currently seeking funds on Kickstarter.

The main attraction in Adventure Box is its focus on RPG elements. When you begin a game, there are monsters everywhere and only a tiny building to call home. As you level up you gain money to build more and expand your new empire. It also runs within a browser via HTML 5, meaning there’s no requirement to download anything.

Adventure Box has already seen a good deal of support thanks to an increasing fanbase of alpha players. Still, of the £75,000 goal, only 32% has been funded with 9 days left. Here’s a link to preview the game and see if Adventure Box is for you.

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