VR Sports Aims to Be Wii Sports in VR

Japanese developer SAT-BOX has announced a new title for the HTC Vive, and it is patently obvious where they drew their inspiration. While it includes some different activities, their upcoming VR Sports is fully built to have the same accessible appeal that made Wii Sports such a success for Nintendo. Set to release March 13, the collection will include Boxing, Bowling, Homerun Derby, Soccer, Basketball, Archery, and Clay Shooting, making use of the Vive’s room scale and motion controls to immerse the player.

It’s obvious that the developer isn’t hoping to hook the technical¬†enthusiasts with this one. Most people who have a Vive probably has something with more “gamer appeal” than this. What the package is looking to do is offer an experience that is more than a tech demo but still simple for a non-gamer to understand and appreciate. This isn’t a bad goal to have, and I am actually tempted to snag this for myself as it will make demoing the Vive for¬†family members easier. Plus, I think I wouldn’t mind punching a dude in Boxing. Considering the thirteen dollar asking price, SAT-BOX might have a reasonable and useful package on their hands.