vSport Sparc Coming to PSVR This Fall

​Eve Online developer CCP Games’ new competitive VR game Sparc will be coming exclusively to PlayStation VR on August 29.

Sparc will cost $29.99/€29.99 and obviously requires the PSVR headset, but also needs two Move controllers. This makes sense for a game all about throwing a ball around in a virtual world. In Sparc, you play a 1v1 game of dodgeball (à la Tron’s disc game), where you throw, dodge, block and catch the ball in order to win.

While Sparc aims to become an eSport (or vSport as they like to call it), there will also be solo and non-competitive options. Single player challenges have you racing against the clock to hit certain targets and dodge incoming projectiles. The “Courtside” environment is a social space where players can interact with others online, wait for matches to start, and even watch other matches going on in real time.

Sparc will also let you customize your character with different colors, helmets, gloves and more, and they are all in the vein of Tron with glowing lights everywhere.

Read our preview of Sparc here.