Waddle Over to Pre-order the Kirby Waddle Dee Nendoroid

It’s pretty great to see supporting characters start getting their own collectibles. Kirby has been the star of the self-titled video game series and has plenty of toys and figures. Now, Waddle Dee is getting some love in the form of Nendoroid.

This particular product shows off its very cute, rotund shape complete with rosy cheeks. There are four different face plates to display from standard, serious, sad and sleeping. Accessories also come with the order such as a spear and bandana to create Bandana Waddle Dee. Plus, a little red apple to carry or eat is included.

Waddle Dee is up for pre-order from January 30 to March 19. However, it is not available to own until September. There are already some Kirby Nendoroids so start thinking about adding Waddle Dee to your collection.