Waking Up is Hard To Do With Darq Release Date Trailer

It’s all very well and good to realize one isn’t awake, and there are whole fields of study dedicated to lucid dreaming.  What happens, though, when the dream doesn’t end?  Everything is fluid, nothing is real, and maybe there are things crawling around that are happy to have a new plaything to torment.  Darq is the gothic adventure of a boy named Lloyd, who gets stuck in his dream and all the awareness in the world isn’t helping him wake up.  To survive the dream he’ll need to master the endlessly malleable physics that turn each level into a far more complicated place than its initial layout makes it seem.  Walls are floors, ceilings are just another surface to stroll across, and a hole in the floor isn’t so much a pit as a corner.  Exploiting the unreality means Lloyd can avoid the terrors that roam its gloomy black and white halls, because while he may have a few reality-bending tricks up his striped sleeve he’s not a master of combat.  Its dangerous in there, and dying in the dream won’t be particularly healthy for his real-world body.

Darq has been coming along for a couple years now (he had red hair back then) and it’s finally, as of the latest trailer, gotten a release date.  The game releases on August 15, finally giving Lloyd a chance at puzzling his way back into the waking world.